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Sold Locally

Experience Fayetteville Visitor's Center

Experience Fayetteville Visitor's Center is the ultimate Visitor's Center! This place has all the information you need to become more familiarized with all that Fayetteville has to offer. Experience Fayetteville also has a wide variety of apparel and other local goods. Be sure to get there today! Experience Fayetteville is located at 21 South Block Avenue in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Fayetteville Farmer's Market

Fayetteville Farmer's Market has a lineup of local vendors offering everything from seasonal fruits and vegetables, creameries specializing in cheese and other goods, fresh salsas, hand made fabrics, locally sourced meats including beef, chicken, and lamb, fruit popsicles, and so much more! Did I mention there is also live music? So come on out and support local. Fayetteville Farmer's Market is held on the Fayetteville Square on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of each week.

Midtown Mall

We are thrilled to have a store in Midtown Mall located at 308 South Thompson Street in Springdale, AR. We offer our rubs, rinds, and tees at Midtown. Midtown Mall is open Tuesday through Saturday 10AM- 5PM. This place has it all!! Come by and checkout all the great items available at Midtown.

Maple Market

Maple Market is a new market that will cure all your foodie needs. Maple Market is located at 109 West Emma Avenue in Springdale, Arkansas. Their products range from local favorites to national favorites, with all being of the utmost quality. We feel privileged to have our Sweeter Heat and Mesqueeter "All Grub" rubs included as part their local product selection. Go by there soon and get you some of the best snacks and snack combinations available anywhere!

Dime's Meat Market

Dime's Meat Market offers the freshest varieties of meats and seasonings, along with everything else you need for a dynamic cookout! Dime's is located in Springdale, AR at 2106 Turner Street. We are proud to have our Sweeter Heat "All Grub" rubs available in their store. So stop on in, whether your looking to plan a BBQ or just need to grab something for dinner, Dime's has you covered!

Served Locally & Beyond


Grub's is a local icon known for their delicious food, and more specifically their juicy and plump wings. We are ecstatic to have teamed up with Grub's and now our Sweeter Heat and Mesqueeter "All Grub" rubs are available in their wing lineup at all NWA locations.

Boston Mountian Brewery

I once heard it said, "I came for the beer, but stayed for the wings." Well, this describes Boston Mountain Brewery; they were created around their craft brews, but are quickly becoming known for their food and atmosphere. We are pleased to announce that our Sweeter Heat "All Grub" rub is available as an option in their wing lineup. Boston Mountain is located at 121 W Township St, Fayetteville, Arkansas.


Designed within a former bank vault, this place screams of elegance, craftsmanship, and superior service. Their hand crafted cocktails combined with their house made syrups, mixers, and even appetizers are second to none! Did we mention Vault also offers the finest bourbon selection in Arkansas? We are honored to have our "All Grub" rubs used to flavor some of their appetizers. Vault is located at 112 West Center Street Suite B001 in Fayetteville, AR. Stop on in and before you leave you'll already be planning your next visit.

Blue Canoe

Well, Blue Canoe is located in Tupelo, Mississippi, so is local to some of our customers. So if you're in or around Tupelo, MS you must stop in Blue Canoe. Blue Canoe is nationally known for the great musical artists that perform there followed closely by their unique, creative, and delicious food menu! The owner of Blue Canoe has a knack for all things good and that is on display inside Blue Canoe. So, you can imagine we are beyond thankful to have our Sweeter Heat and Mesqueeter "All Grub" rubs included on their wing lineup. Blue Canoe is located at 2006 North Gloster Street in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Most comfortable tee's!

We have a variety of five awesome colors to choose from. This tee will soon become a favorite in your collection!

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Fresh Kettle Style Pork Rinds

Pork Products

Arkansan Proud

Sweeter Heat Smoked Spare Ribs

Heater Sweet Smoked Bologna Chub

SOS (Shrimp on Sausage) Skewers w/ Mesqueeter

Sweeter Heat Smoked Pork Butts

Customer appreciation

"up until yesterday I did not like pork rinds at all. I just received two bags and have almost downed both of them in one sitting! best pork rinds I've ever had. I also marinated and cooked a steak using the rub and it was just as phenomenal. thanks so much Courtney! can't wait to get my next order.

Brett Davis, Texas

The rinds were like pop rocks they were so fresh- like they were just pulled out of the fryer fresh!  Seasoning was spot on and even ordered the Peeper to get the unaltered taste which was certainly on point,  The cracklins were something to be savored!  The soft fat part combined with the denser piece and fried to perfection.  You really do have a great product and I will certainly spread the word!

Lynn Day, Illinois

Just letting you know that is some of the best Mesquite that I have ever had and it has really boosted my jerky sales.  My customers really love it because its got that sweeter taste to with that Mesquite.  It is so good!

David Wallace, Arkansas

Just smashed some white bass son.  RubItSnout is the only way to go.  First of all a little goes a long way and that matters to me.  I’ve pulled a lot of fish out of the water and into my kitchen this Spring. Sure these fish make for some tasty slabs, but without @rubitsnout rubs it just wouldn’t be the same. Best flavor out there! No doubt about it. Check them out and grab some. You won’t regret it.  

Zeke Cernea, Illinois

Dude, these are awesome! We'll hook up at least once a month! Perfectly cooked! Seasonings that get our attention. Glad we found ya!

Shawn Woodward, Oklahoma

You exceeded my expectations!!!  They are absolutely delicious!!  I don't have a favorite!  I really don't have a favorite anything.  I just now and appreciate good taste and quality when I indulge!  I started with the Peeper, worked my way to the Salt & Vinegar, Mesqueeter, then the Sweeter Heat!  Took my palate on a lil ride!  Perfect!

Will Rice, Alabama

I let my chef at PVT try a bag and he said they were the best he's ever had.  I agree with him.

Adam Morgan, Mississippi

Man that rub is awesome...I've tried almost everything but that one is different.  I've smoked a lot and some rubs are better than others on different meats, but that Sweeter Heat would be good on anything.  The sweetness to it, is it makes a glaze once applied to the meat.  

Sam Rumsey, Arkansas

Dude. This bacon is INSANE. 4 unanimous "best bacon I've ever had" votes today.

Your rub might be the best rub I've ever had.  love it

Shaun Traxler, Arkansas

Sweeter Heat Rubbed Spare Ribs

Heater Sweet Rubbed Bologna Chub

Mesqueeter Seasoned Shrimp

Sweeter Heat Rubbed Pork Butt

Featured Recipe

Smoked "Baked" Beans

Ingredients: 2- 15 oz cans pork & beans; 1 lb (roll) breakfast sausage (we prefer Hot); 1/2 cup brown sugar; 1 tsp. dry mustard; 3 tbsp. Worcestershire; 1 medium Vidalia onion; 1 Yellow Bell Pepper; 1 clove garlic

Bring smoker to 225- 250 degrees.

1) Chop/ dice onion, bell pepper, and garlic.

2) Saute' onion and bell pepper until soft (approximately four minutes). Once onions and bell peppers are soft, add garlic and saute' until fragrant (approximately 40 seconds).

3) Rub down the outside of the breakfast sausage with olive olive oil (optional), then cover heavily with RubItSnout Sweeter Heat "All Grub" rub.

4) Excluding sausage mix all ingredients in large mixing bowl then transfer to aluminum baking pan.

5) Once smoker is at desired temperature place sausage and aluminum pan (uncovered) inside smoker.

6) Smoke [both] sausage and beans for approximately 60- 90 minutes or until sausage reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees.

7) Pull sausage an crumble then add to bean mixture and stir to mix evenly.

8) Cover pan with foil and cook for an additional 30 minutes.

9) Pull from smoker and serve.

10) Enjoy!

Veteran Owned

We salute our veterans, past and present!

Made in America