About Us

The original rub, Sweeter Heat, was created in 2013 in anticipation of my first entrance into a KCBS BBQ competition. Hence the name, RubItOut was created at the same time. I remember being at the awards ceremony and hearing, “2nd place in chicken goes to RubItOut”. I turned to my partner and our group of friends and said, “who stole our name?”. So when the announcer said it the second time we realized we had placed second. We were instantly stoked! Then approximately a month later I entered a BBQ competition with a different partner and we received 1st place in chicken. It was at that moment I realized this rub may be something special. I have introduced this rub to many people throughout the different states, towns, and cities I have lived in. And I most often receive the same response.
So fast forward to the future and here we are continuing to “spread the flavor”. We have added four additional original flavors: Sugar Free, Sweeter, Heater Sweet, and Mesqueeter. We have also added fresh pork rinds and cracklins generously seasoned with each of our original flavored dry rubs. And maybe the most important, we transitioned the name to RubItSnout, considering we launched smack dab in the middle of “Razorback Country”, Fayetteville, Arkansas. And considering I am an Arkansas native, what better name than RubItSnout, and what better place to launch than the “Home of the Hogs”? Woo Pig Sooie! Go Razorbacks!
We are very grateful and excited for this journey! But we have yet a ways go to reach our goals. And we would only be here with the continued support of our customers, supporters, family, and friends. So to each of you we give a special credit and thanks for helping us launch and promote the RubItSnout products. We look forward to continued growth and adding more members to the RubItSnout network! A product is only as good as the people that support and believe in it! So, we think we have the best!  Customer first. Quality Always.  Thank you for your interest in our products!